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Supertemporal is a science fiction graphic novel.

Three scientists, Roderick, Dirk, and Ringo, from NASA's Jet Propulsion Lab build a time machine and go a hundred years in the future. They discover that there are no longer any humans around although there is wildlife. They realize that something happened on a specific day in 2053. They go to that day to find out exactly what and to see if they can prevent it from happening.

Supertemporal is written by Howard M. Shum and art by Simone Arena. Pinups by El Gunto and Matthew Humphreys.

Supertemporal is full color, 144 pages and published by AXIOM. It is in comic book shops now. Buy a copy online from Howard's store.

Read an article about Supertemporal here.

"Supertemporal takes a dash of Independence Day, adds in a bit of Big Bang Theory and creates an action-packed summer blockbuster of a comic that has just as much heart as it does Giant Alien Robot Enforcers. This is comics done right." - Rob Guillory, Eisner Award-winning artist of Chew

Watch the Supertemporal Trailer

Watch Howard ink a pinup penciled by Matthew Humphreys.

Click below to see art from Supertemporal.



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