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Fusillade is a collection of character-driven action stories in various genres (fantasy, science-fiction, horror, western, gangsters, etc.) featuring spectacular art by visionary artists from Italy, France, Mexico, and the United States.

Fusillade is written by Howard M. Shum and has art by Antonello Dalena, Rad Sechrist, Armando M. Zanker, El Gunto, Regis Donsimoni, Francesco Abrignani, Lelio Bonaccorso, and Dustin Foust.

Fusillade is in comic stores now. Fusillade is full color, 144 pages, ISBN: 978-0-615-46191-5 and published by AXIOM.

Buy Fusillade now at your local comic shop or do it online here or order a signed copy by Howard and Rad here.

"Fast-paced, violent, and often funny, the world of Howard Shum's 'Fusillade' is a great place to visit--unless you're a bad guy, then prepare to get dead." -- Jose Arroyo, writer on Conan, The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien, and Late Night with Conan O'Brien

"These highly enjoyable, cleverly written and beautifully drawn stories make this graphic novel anthology a great addition to anyone's comics library. Loved it!" -- Leinil Francis Yu, artist of Wolverine, X-Men, New Avengers, Secret Invasion, and Superior

"A tantalizing cornucopia of appetizers, each promising a future delicacy. Can't wait for the main course!" -- Stephen Susco, screenwriter of The Grudge and The Grudge 2

Interviews with Krysten Ritter ("Breaking Bad," "She's Out of My League"), T.J. Miller ("Cloverfield," "Transformers 4," "How to Train Your Dragon") and cinematographer Larry Fong ("300," "Watchmen," "Lost," "Sucker Punch," and "Super 8").

Click below to see art from Fusillade. All stories written by Howard M. Shum.

"Witch Trouble" - Rad Sechrist - middle school aged kids face off with a woman they suspect is a witch and responsible for the disappearance of their friends.

"Water Lily" - Antonello Dalena - colors by Cristina Toniolo - a Marine recently back from Iraq searches for a young woman who was abducted by mercenaries.

"Wilde Agency" - El Gunto - a private investigator and her two idiot associates take on a case to find a missing screenwriter while being hampered by demon worshipping Hollywood power players.

"Los Diablos" - Armando M. Zanker - in the Old West, three groups race to find a legendary lost gold stash while an evil supernatural force interrupts their plans.

"LoveQuest" - Regis Donsimoni - colors by Manuela Berti - a nerd decides to battle a monster that is taking tribute from his town to impress a girl he loves.

"From the Heart" - Francesco Abrignani - colors by Giuseppe Fontana - A mafia hitman investigates the death of his childhood friend.

"L.A. Amok" - Lelio Bonaccorso - colors by Maurizio Gemelli - color assist by Davide Ercolano - an ordinary man with a super power, which he has never used for a heroic purpose, has less than two days to save Los Angeles as a government experiment goes awry and becomes deadly.

"Intersection" - Dustin Foust - a young boy and his dog struggle against killer flying machines while he searches for his parents whom he has never known.

Read interviews with Howard about Fusillade at CBR and Newsarama.

Fusillade ™ is ™ and © 2011 Howard M. Shum

Witch Trouble ™ is ™ and © 2011 Howard M. Shum

Water Lily ™ is ™ and © 2011 Howard M. Shum & Antonello Dalena

Wilde Agency ™ is ™ and © 2011 Howard M. Shum & Poux Guillaume

Los Diablos ™ is ™ and © 2011 Howard M. Shum & Armando M. Zanker

LoveQuest ™ is ™ and © 2011 Howard M. Shum & Regis Donsimoni

From the Heart ™ is ™ and © 2011 Howard M. Shum & Francesco Abrignani

L.A. Amok ™ is ™ and © 2011 Howard M. Shum & Lelio Bonaccorso

Intersection ™ is ™ and © 2011 Howard M. Shum & Dustin Foust

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