Check out Howard's blog. New entries are added at least once a week. Howard tweets a new drawing every day on his twitter. Follow him on Instagram.

Howard did full art on the Rick and Morty #39 Variant Cover from Oni Press which is available now in comic shops.

The Wondrous World, a new graphic novel by Armando M. Zanker, Simone Arena, and Howard.

Check out Howard's Art on T-Shirts.

Howard's science fiction graphic novel about time travel is Supertemporal. It is drawn by amazing Italian artist Simone Arena. Three scientists who have built a time machine must find out and stop what happened on a specific day in the year 2053 that caused the elimination of every person on this world. Check it out here.

Howard rewrote the first appearance of Superman in Action Comics #1 to update it for a modern audience. Read the entire issue for free here.

Read an interview and see preview pages of the new comic 4 Gun Conlusion by Bobby Rubio and Howard here!

Sports Illustrated did a piece on Howard and his art here and a feature here.

Fusillade is Howard's 144-page collection of short comic book stories. It's in comic stores now. Preview the incredible art and imaginative stories here.

"San Diego Comic-Con Cosplay 2023" a digital short shot by Howard.

"Super Powers Fight" a visual effects short written & directed by Howard.

"Complisults WonderCon 2019" a digital comedy short written & directed by Howard.

"The Rapture: Los Angeles" a digital comedy short written & directed by Howard.

"Crazy Girl" a digital short written & directed by Howard.

Check out Howard's YouTube Channel.

Hyperkinetic is Howard's creation published by Image Comics. It's a science-fiction action-comedy about four female intergalatic bounty hunters. It's written by Howard, art by Matteo Scalera, and colored by Oscar Celestini. Click here to read and see more.

In 2007, DC Comics asked Howard to create a new comic for its online site. It's a comedy-adventure strip called Alpha Monkey. It's penciled by Matteo Scalera, colored by Oscar Celestini, co-created by Bobby Rubio, and written and inked by Howard.

Check it out here.

Howard wrote and directed an independent feature film in 2006. It's a comedy titled "The Secret World of Comic Book Artists" and stars AnnaLynne McCord (Transporter 2) and Eric Weldon (The Tyra Banks Show). Two comic book artists and a beautiful girl attempt to meet a seemingly insurmountable art deadline. In the process they ruminate about life, love, religion and why there aren't any young guys named "Dick."

You can check out a trailer and clips here:


Clip 1

Clip 2

Clip 3

Clip 4

Gun Fu: Showgirls Are Forever is in stores now. It is published by Image Comics. It is written by comics legend Dave Sim and Howard. Pencils by Darryl Young and colors by Etienne Simon. The story is set in 1941. France has succeeded in setting the world record for the quickest surrender to Nazi Germany without putting up a fight. Nazi-collaborating French showgirls are on a secret mission to attack a neutral United States. The Queen of England sends British secret agent Cheng Bo Sen to stop them.

The Gun Fu Trade Paperback collecting Gun Fu #1 and Gun Fu: The Lost City #1-4 is available now in super cool bookstores. The introduction is written by Cerebus creator Dave Sim. It also features new pinups by Chris Bailey, Balak, Randy Green, Herval, Ruben Martinez, Xavier Ramonede, Matthew Stewart, and Darryl Young. It is published by Image Comics. ISBN # 1582405212. Click here to order a copy from

Go here to view the Gun Fu animatic or here to download it (6 MB).

Fat Boy and Harvey is a new comic book written and inked by Howard and penciled by E.W. Clayton. The first issue is in stores now. Read an article about the comic here.

Victoria's Secret Angels Adriana Lima, Tyra Banks, Gisele Bundchen, Heidi Klum, and Alessandra Ambrosio are featured in an article in Gun Fu: The Lost City #4. Gun Fu creator Howard M. Shum photographed the top models and interviewed Adriana and Alessandra at the Angels Across America tour on its Los Angeles visit.

Gun Fu: The Lost City #4 is available in stores now! The stunning conclusion to the miniseries! Find out the fates of Cheng Bo Sen, Adrima (Jaguar Girl), and Dr. Dumple. Howard also interviews top fashion photographer Glen Luchford (Prada, Calvin Klein, Harper's Bazaar, Vogue). The alternate cover is by Dave Bullock (Teen Titans, Kim Possible, Batman). Cerebus creator Dave Sim does the art for the back cover.

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Howard M. Shum is a filmmaker, artist, and writer who has worked with Marvel, DC, Dark Horse, and Image. He has inked such books as Star Wars: Episode 1 The Phantom Menace - Obi-Wan Kenobi, X-Men Unlimited, Aquaman, Joker/Mask, The Simpsons, Disney Adventures (Kim Possible), Star Wars: Tag & Bink are Dead, and Star Wars Tales. He is the creator-writer-inker of Gun Fu, Intrigue and Gazillion and creator-writer of Hyperkinetic from Image Comics and Fusillade, Supertemporal and "Fat Boy and Harvey" from AXIOM. His newest work is The Wondrous World.